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César Alberto Hernández Meraz

Day two: June 15th 2007.

Hostdrakequester - César
DMkaifaz_rulez - Juan Carlos
Players drakequester - Dorian Joyce (male human bard)
athkiel - Ielenia (female elf sorcerer)
skyfenix - Vadania (female elf druid)
- Tordek (male dwarf fighter)
NPCs - Male elf paladin (Battousai)
- Cat familiar (Fawkes)
- Hawk familiar (Flyer)
- Royal envoy, female elf sorcerer, Ielenia's mentor (Shania) [deceased]
- Royal guardian [deceased]
- Enemy archers
- Enemy magic user

The party is resting after the battle/ talk with the lizard folk. They have to find an abandoned cart with a dying horse the elf druid's (Vadania) hawk saw some time earlier. It is located in approximately the same direction as the "Nest" the lizard folk described as being the headquarters of the current "enemies".

The enemies have been described as "dark" people, resembling the members of the party (perhaps with less pointy ears).

The dwarf fighter (Tordek) is still separated from the party, in a battle against some bandits who attacked a royal cart. Passengers and some enemies lie unconscious or dead already.
Tags: first campaign
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