Drake Quester (drakequester) wrote in dnd_ags,
Drake Quester

Day six: August 3rd 2007.

Host- Ernesto
DMkaifaz_rulez - Juan Carlos
Players drakequester - Dorian Joyce (male human bard)
skyfenix - Vadania (female elf druid)
- Tordek (male dwarf fighter)
NPCs - Female elf sorcerer (Ielenia)*
- Male human thief (Marduk)*
- Male elf paladin (Battousai)
- Three attackers

The town has been attacked during the night. The monk and the owner of Las Hierbitas have been murdered, while the rest of the town remains asleep and the owner of the magic shop is nowhere to be found.

Marduk and Ielenia need some rest, and stay at El Martillo de Oro.

Tordek, Vadania and Dorian head to the magic shop, in order to investigate recent events...

* Ielenia and Marduk were controlled by the DM during this session.
Tags: first campaign
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