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Day eight

Hostkaifaz_rulez - JC
DMkaifaz_rulez - JC
Playersathkiel - Ielenia
drakequester - Dorian Joyce
skyfenix - Vadania
 Ernesto - Tordek
NPC's - Batousai - Elf paladin
 - Cathair - Half dwarf, male. Owner of
     "El martillo de oro"
 - 3 gray lizzard folks (deceased)
 - 1 gray/green lizzard folk. Royal family member
 - Flyer -  Hawk Familiar
 - Hikaru - Cat familiar

Time has behaved different for this adventurers. It has been four days since they decided to investigate the wizard's house.

Marduk is missing, no one knows where he is. No time to look for him. The party must go north, they get the chance to capture some prisoners. And perhaps find out what's going on with the lizzard folks.

Tags: first campaign
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