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Athkiel Kenobi

Day nine - 24 August 2007

Hostkaifaz_rulez - JC
DM[info]kaifaz_rulez - JC
Playersathkiel - Ielenia
drakequester- Dorian Joyce
skyfenix - Vadania
 - Tordek
NPC'sBatousai - Male elf Paladin
Grrison - Male Lizzardfolk, royal family member
Rruperrt - Male Lizzardfolk, royal family member
Flyer - Vadania's hawk familiar
Hikaru - Ielenia's cat familiar
2 lizzardfolks - deceased

After seeing some changes on Grrison, the party decided to go back to look for the other princess. We found out one of the princess was still alive. Vadania and Ielenia started to act oddly. After taking action to recover Vadania and Ielenia back to normal, the party left to seek for the lizzardfolks reign. But the path to the main chamber wasn't as both lizzardfolks remembered.
Tags: first campaign
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