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Day three: June 22nd 2007.

Hostdrakequester - César
DMkaifaz_rulez - Juan Carlos
Players drakequester - Dorian Joyce (male human bard)
athkiel - Ielenia (female elf sorcerer)
skyfenix - Vadania (female elf druid)
NPCs - Male dwarf fighter (Tordek)*
- Male elf paladin (Battousai)
- Cat familiar (insert name here)
- Hawk familiar (Flyer)
- Male dwarf bartender/ owner of "El Martillo de Oro"
- Female human wife of bartender/ owner of "El Martillo de Oro"
- Male half-dwarf monk (Xjhil)
- Female owner of "Las Hierbitas"
- Male elf owner of the magic shop

The battle against the bandits who attacked the royal envoys has left wounds on some of the party members, both physical and emotional.

Ielenia (elf sorcerer) has lost her mentor, the great sorcerer Shaina, who lost her life in the attack.

Dorian (human bard) tries to honor her memory by performing songs about her life.

Tordek (dwarf fighter) had been summoned to protect them, and now must face failure.

Vadania (elf druid) suggests the party to visit a close by town, in order to gather information about the mysterious attacks.

* Tordek was controlled by the DM during this session.
Tags: first campaign
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