Drake Quester (drakequester) wrote in dnd_ags,
Drake Quester

Day four: July 13th 2007.

Hostskyfenix - Susana
DMkaifaz_rulez - Juan Carlos
Players drakequester - Dorian Joyce (male human bard)
athkiel - Ielenia (female elf sorcerer)
skyfenix - Vadania (female elf druid)
- Tordek (male dwarf fighter)
- Marduk (male human thief)
NPCs - Male elf paladin (Battousai)
- Cat familiar (Fawkes)
- Hawk familiar (Flyer)
- Male dwarf bartender/ owner of "El Martillo de Oro"
- Female human wife of bartender/ owner of "El Martillo de Oro"
- Male half-dwarf monk (Xjhil)
- Female owner of "Las Hierbitas"
- Enemy lizard folk archers and magic users

The party is inside the bar "El Martillo de Oro", discussing the things they have learned about the different attacks the town has been subjected to, which are more frequent now than when they started, and one may happen soon.

Those attacks are of two kinds. Raids during the day, and disappearances during the night.

Tordek is recovering from all the beer he drank, and the party must now inform him of the situation, so a plan can be created.

Meanwhile, male human thief Marduk watches the party from a far corner of the bar.
Tags: first campaign
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