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Day ten

Host - Ernesto
DM[info]kaifaz_rulez - JC
Playersathkiel - Ielenia
drakequester - Dorian Joyce
skyfenix - Vadania
 - Tordek
NPC'sBatousai - Male elf Paladin
Unknown enemies - 4 magic handlers, 1 leader

Our friends stand in front of three doors, each door has an inscription. One holds a warning. The middle one has arcane magic and bardic magic, the last one, spokes of the one who'll come back.
The runes show a clue to the next step, after figuring out what the runes mean, the party follows one path to found out the lizard folks village and ran into an old unfriendly face. Once again, our friends skills are tested.
Tags: first campaign
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