César Alberto Hernández Meraz (ashrising) wrote in dnd_ags,
César Alberto Hernández Meraz

Day one: June 8th 2007.

Hostkaifaz_rulez - Juan Carlos
DMkaifaz_rulez - Juan Carlos
Players drakequester - Dorian Joyce (male human bard)
athkiel - Ielenia (female elf sorcerer)
skyfenix - Vadania (female elf druid)
NPCs - Male elf paladin (Battousai)
- Cat familiar (Fawkes)
- Hawk familiar (Flyer)
- Lead lizard folk
- Three unnamed lizard folk people

The party starts in the middle of the forest. Not yet a group, but together for the time being, nonetheless. The dwarf fighter (Tordek) has been summoned somewhere, so he is absent now.

The human bard (Dorian) and the elf paladin (Battousai) stayed in the forest.

The elf sorcerer (Ielenia) has obtained the herb she was sent to retrieve, and has to return home, along with her cat familiar.

The elf druid (Vadania) and her falcon familiar decide to help the other three party members find their way out of the forest.
Tags: first campaign
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